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Photoshop workshop

A three day workshop on Photoshop was conducted by IEEE RIT SB CS Society exclusively for girls on March 6th, 7th and 8th 2018 as a part of woman’s day celebration in the Computer Science department. Twenty-five girls attended the class. The session was taken by Mr. Jishnu J K and Abhijith K. The aim of the workshop was to get the girls acquainted with Photoshop and graphic designing. The basic tools and techniques of the workshop were taught

6th-8th March 2018
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Poster Designing Competition as a part of Women’s Day

A poster designing competition was conducted as a part of Women’s day from March 11th to 17th 2018 by the WIE society. 10 girls from various departments participated in the competition.

11th-17th March 2018
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HTML beginner level workshop

HTML beginner workshop was a part of the Web Development workshop series which included workshops on web development at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner level HTML workshop was conducted on April 18th 2018 in the Computer Science department by IEEE RIT SB Computer Society. The session was taken by Abhjith K, chairman of the CS Society and was attended by twelve participants. The aim of the workshop was to teach the students the basics of HTML and CSS.

18th April 2018
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10 day workshop on IoT and Web Development

Two ten-day workshops were conducted by IEEE RIT SB from July 20 to 29 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. One of the workshops was on embedded systems and Internet of things (IoT). It was attended by fifty participants. The other workshop was about web development and was attended by twenty participants. Each of the workshops had a structured schedule to provide a comprehensive course on each of the subjects over the course of the ten days.

20th-29th July 2018
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Introduction to Git

IEEE RIT SB Computer Society conducted an introductory session on git on August 13th 2018 in the Computer Society department. The session was taken by Abhijith K, chairman of the CS Society department and was attended by 29 IEEE CS members. The workshop taught the students about version control and how to include git into their various projects.

13th August 2018
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Basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering workshop

A workshop on the basics of electronics and electrical engineering was conducted on 24th to 28th September 2018 in the EEE department. More than 70 IEEE members attended the event. The session was conducted by Dr. Jayan MV and Mr. Fayyaz E

24-28th September 2018
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Chatbot workshop

The Women In Engineering (WIE) society of IEEE RIT SB conducted an Actions on Google workshop on November 24th 2018 in the EC seminar hall. The session was taken by Ganga Manoj, chairwoman of WIE and it was attended by fifteen girls. The aim of the workshop was to learn the basics of how to build the chatbot using the Actions on Google Console and use that information to publish their own chatbot to Google.

24th November 2018
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Drone Workshop

RAS Society of IEEE SB RIT conducted a talk on drone on 19th(Tuesday) February 2019 at 2 pm at the EEE Seminar Hall. The talk was conducted by Abraham George M who discussed the different types of drones and their working. The two-hour talk helped students in getting an insight into the world of drones. The talk then concluded with the students flying photography drones at the college ground.

February 19 2019
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Soft Skill Development Workshop

IEEE SB RIT conducted a workshop on Soft Skill Development by Prof. Babusankhar, Asst Professor at SJCET Pala, on 23rd February, Saturday. The workshop began at 9am and was wrapped up by 4:30pm. Over 45 students from various departments participated in the workshop. Prof. Babusankhar guided the students through the areas of life where they should be focused and areas where improvement is required. The workshop was not limited to talks but was mixed with many fun activities and an interactive session. Sir handled the session till 2pm. Later on an interactive session was hosted by the IEEE volunteers, basically meant to create a bonding among the members and to know more about the future events of IEEE.

February 23 2019
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