Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society is a professional society of IEEE. It focuses on advancing the theory, practice and application of computer and information processing science and technology and the “ professional standing of its members “. The Computer society is the largest of 39 technical societies organised under the IEEE Techni Activities Board.


Be essential to the global technical community and computer professionals everywhere and be universally recognized for the contributions of technical professionals in developing and applying technology to improve global conditions.


To be the leading provider of technical information, community services, and personalized services to the world's computing professionals.

About Our Chapter

IEEE RIT SB was the first IEEE SB in Kerala to start a computer society chapter. It has since been very active and has conducted a large number of workshops and conferences and it strives to set higher standards for computing. The team is planning to conduct weekly sessions comprising of competitive coding, introduction to programming languages( C, C++, Python, Java), web designing, etc. A three day intercollege create-using-Python competition(Python Makeathon) will be organized by IEEE RIT SB's Computer Society, in collaboration with its WIE affinity group. Teams have to build a product using Python based on the theme given. IEEE RIT SB's Computer Society also encourages the development of college computing curricula and plays a remarkable role in the technical development of RIT's students.


Photoshop workshop

A three day workshop on Photoshop was conducted by IEEE RIT SB CS Society exclusively for girls on March 6th, 7th and 8th 2018 as a part of woman’s day celebration in the Computer Science department. Twenty-five girls attended the class. The session was taken by Mr. Jishnu J K and Abhijith K. The aim of the workshop was to get the girls acquainted with Photoshop and graphic designing. The basic tools and techniques of the workshop were taught.

6th-8th March 2018
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HTML beginner level workshop

HTML beginner workshop was a part of the Web Development workshop series which included workshops on web development at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner level HTML workshop was conducted on April 18th 2018 in the Computer Science department by IEEE RIT SB Computer Society. The session was taken by Abhjith K, chairman of the CS Society and was attended by twelve participants. The aim of the workshop was to teach the students the basics of HTML and CSS.

18th April 2018
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Introduction to Git

IEEE RIT SB Computer Society conducted an introductory session on git on August 13th 2018 in the Computer Society department. The session was taken by Abhijith K, chairman of the CS Society department and was attended by 29 IEEE CS members. The workshop taught the students about version control and how to include git into their various projects.

13th August 2018
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CS Execom

Muhammed Shibin

SB Chairperson

Martin Joe C

Vice Chairperson